Ocala Trust Litigation Lawyers

A carefully considered, well-constructed estate plan can accomplish many goals. In fact, one of the few things a plan like that can't do is completely eliminate the possibility of a dispute or litigation. Unfortunately, if you're facing the prospect of a trust dispute, will contest or some other type of probate litigation right now — this knowledge offers little comfort.

What will help (and this is true no matter what side of a dispute you're on) is speaking to a lawyer who has a track record of successfully litigating these issues.

At The Florida Legal Advocacy Group, P.A., we know the laws governing probate and trust administration. We have experience representing parties of every type, including spouses, children, parents, siblings, named beneficiaries, friends and extended family members, as well as executors (personal representatives), trustees and other fiduciaries. We are tenacious advocates for our clients both inside and outside of the courtroom. We would welcome the opportunity to do likewise for you.

Our practice involves various types of cases and issues, including:

  • Will contests
  • Trust disputes
  • Spousal elective share claims
  • Appraisal and accounting disputes
  • Asset distribution disputes
  • Trust mismanagement
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Fraud and embezzlement claims

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Because probate and trust disputes will often involve opposing parties who are members of the same family, would-be plaintiffs who believe something dishonest has occurred don't do anything about it in many cases. Likewise, executors and trustees who have been accused of wrongdoing by other family members also hesitate to seek legal counsel because they believe everyone will understand once he or she has had a chance to explain.

Either way, it's a mistake to not take these matters seriously or wait to seek legal representation. Call our Ocala trust litigation attorneys at (352)732-8030 or contact us online and we'll make arrangements to meet with you at a convenient time and place.