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Central Florida is known for its senior communities like The Villages, which have many conveniences for retired adults. One common convenience is the freedom to use golf carts for transportation within the community, and even on common roadways not designated solely for golf cart use. Because they are easy to operate and can’t go very fast, golf carts are often considered safer than traditional automobiles. However, just like any motor vehicle, golf carts present the risk of accidents and injuries. Whether you are using a golf cart in a senior community, on a golf course, or on a common road shared with other motor vehicles, if you are involved in a collision you may be entitled to compensation.

A prompt investigation is important in order to preserve evidence and discover all sources of legal and financial responsibility. That’s why it is so important to obtain an experienced golf cart accident attorney to help as soon as possible.

Golf Cart Injuries Can Be Severe

Golf carts do not have the same safety features that are now standard in most cars or trucks like air bags, seat belts and durable frames. Because golf carts are usually open, it is easy for individuals to fall out of the cart if a collision occurs or even during routine turns. In addition, golf carts are far more likely to roll than a standard vehicle. For these reasons and so many more, victims of golf cart accidents are likely to sustain serious injuries including traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, neck and back injuries, spinal cord injuries, soft tissues injuries, contusions and lacerations.

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Because golf carts accidents can cause serious injury it is important that you find an attorney that has had success handling these types of cases. We understand that an accident like this can disrupt many aspects of your life, so we take this type of case very seriously. That means we will clearly explain all legal issues related to your golf cart accident so that you understand your rights, and then we will help you evaluate options in moving forward with your case. It also means keeping you informed at every step in the process and providing honest answers even when it is not the news you want to hear.

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Anyone who has injuries or losses resulting from a golf cart accident should consult with an experienced attorney at The Florida Legal Advocacy Group, PA as possible so that we can evaluate your case and advise you of your legal rights. If we believe that you are entitled to compensation, we will zealously represent your interests so that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Before opening our Ocala office, attorney Stan Plappert worked for 25 years in the insurance industry, dealing with high-value personal injury claims like this on a regular basis. His insider perspective regarding insurance company procedures in handling accident claims is an invaluable asset that few law firms have to offer.

Golf Cart Accidents in The Villages

There are approximately 50,000 golf carts in The Villages alone. With just over 56,000 homes (in 2015), that means that nearly 90% of residents in The Villages own golf carts.  According to a the Consumer Product Safety Commission around 15,000 injuries involving golf carts happen every year in the United States. And, out of these accidents 13,000 result in a trip to the local emergency room. Experts claim that nearly 40% of golf cart accidents involve children, whose legs are shorter and unable to provide a brace during turns. Finally, golf cart accidents that result in death are not the “freak accident” most of us might believe. In fact, a recent Pasco Tribune article cited a safety expert at Technology Associates who studies golf cart accidents for a living - “Somebody dies every week in this country from falling out of a golf cart”. Most of those fatal golf cart accidents happen while making a left turn. In the last 7 years, there have been over 15 fatal accidents involving golf carts in The Villages alone. In an effort to promote safety, The Villages Homeowners Association has produced a new golf cart safety video and offers a Golf Cart Safety Clinic each month.

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